The Future is Human

It’s time to upgrade your human operating system - and allow your beautiful life to unfold.


I'm Kayleigh O'Keefe.

I'm the founder of Soul Excellence Ventures and Soul Excellence Publishing, a USA Today bestselling author, publisher of 12+ international bestselling books with 300+ authors from 12 countries on 4 continents, and the leader of a new movement where THE FUTURE IS HUMAN.

I'm on a mission to spark inner awakenings and usher in heart-centered leadership at all levels of society.

Are you ready to live fully expressed and on purpose?

Have you ever felt like you're...

  • going through the motions in life and waiting for retirement?
  • ready to make a massive shift in your life, but are afraid?
  • craving deeper connection and human intimacy?
  • tired of people pleasing and ready to live your most authentic life?

I've been there - and it's why I've launched THE FUTURE IS HUMAN podcast. My mission is to help you find freedom and clarity by exploring what it means to be fully human in the modern era.

Don't settle for a life of conformity and complacency. Learn to love all parts of yourself and you'll set yourself free to connect and create at your fullest capacity.

Be on the cusp of human consciousness and connection by joining me on the journey!

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